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07 Apr 2008 15:51 NanoTech

Awesome UNIX utility!
I had written a small program, named sockio, which does a (very) small subset of what this awesome socat utility does. When I discovered socat, I was impressed by the number of useful features, in particular SSL support.

With its clean design, this utility keeps the spirit of UNIX: Basic utilities that can be piped or connected together!

The possibilities are infinite. I can now connect together any two bi-directional streams.

Now, I'm tempted to write a Windows port.

27 Jan 2007 10:40 tino

Far more than a swiss army knife of networking ;)
The most interesting options IMHO are builtin SSL and SOCKS support. With the latter it's easy to map a TOR hidden service to a local port to access it like any other service on the Internet. Here you have the answer to (nearly) all your networking interconnection needs you ever might think of.

16 Jul 2006 01:00 SeSe

A+++ for socat
Truly awesome, we use it extensively in productions systems and it rocks! Please keep developing!



04 Oct 2002 17:54 florinandrei

Friggin' unbelievable! All my dreams come true! Now i can pipe stdin to the UDP:syslog port, or redirect the output of /bin/ls to an arbitrary TCP port on an arbitrary host! Stuff like that.
Awesome! Really, really awesome!
Thank you for the excellent application!


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