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snes9express is a graphical front-end for snes9x, the SNES game console emulator.


Recent releases

  •  02 Mar 2004 10:35

    Release Notes: A number of long-standing (and unfortunately easy to trigger) crash bugs have been fixed. This version requires GTK 2, and skins now load with gdk-pixbuf instead of with libpng. Among other new features, skins have been made larger, and Power/ Eject/Reset buttons have been added to the skinless mode.

    •  15 Dec 1999 03:19

      Release Notes: A new layout for the preferences and joystick dialogs, and the ROM selector has also been improved.

      •  31 Aug 1999 22:52

        Release Notes: Added a few sound options, and started preliminary work on a rom browser.

        •  03 Jul 1999 16:37

          Release Notes: Fixed a bug that was preventing snes9x from loading/saving game data and snapshots.

          •  01 Jul 1999 22:06

            Release Notes: Snes9express no longer closes when it runs snes9x, instead it hides and returns when snes9x has been closed. Fixed the problems reguarding ESD.

            Recent comments

            09 Oct 2007 22:20 exvor

            No longer compiles with current GCC

            Searching online found a reference to a gcc4 patch from fedora but was only able to locate a file list with it included and not the real patch file. If someone has it uploading it somewhere would be helpful.

            04 Nov 2001 10:40 fredlwm

            Re: FM entry

            > Someone should update the FM entry and
            > warn that it apparently uses QT.

            No, it uses GTK+. Apparently it's not being maintained, so possibly another dead project in 1-2 years when GTK+ 2.x will be the only version on most systems. BTW, it was written in c++. Does it compile with 3.x ?

            04 Nov 2001 07:23 blades

            FM entry
            Someone should update the FM entry and warn that it apparently uses QT.


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