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SMYLE (Storage that Makes Your Life Easier) is a hierachical/relational database written in and for Java. Smyle is seamlessly integrated with Java and not an alien artifact like SQL.

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  •  31 Oct 2003 16:35

Release Notes: This release features an overhauled indexing architecture that allows more than one index per table. It also introduces byte sequences as a new field type.

  •  18 Jun 2002 23:55

Release Notes: Smyle is now JDK 1.4 compatible.

  •  13 May 2002 20:48

Release Notes: A Swing-based database browser, support for databases on read-only media (e.g., CD-ROM), support for recursive type definitions and the ability to perform more flexible schema evolution, and further performance optimizations.

  •  27 Mar 2002 14:24

Release Notes: Smyle has grown up. It is now a versatile, highly reliable, high performance, convenient, cross-platform database for any kind of Java application. This release can efficiently handle tables with more than 100,000 rows. New features include multidimensional indexing (first implementation of UB-Trees in an open source database), simplified installation and usage, and full optimization for plain Java (as opposed to GJ).

  •  06 Sep 2001 00:36

Release Notes: Smyle has now stopped wasting disk space. It supports schema evolution, implements the Java Collection API, cleanly serializes write access, and is thread safe.


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