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SMTP Relay Checker

SmtpRC is a fully configurable, multithreaded open mail relay scanner. It supports scanning of IP blocks, and can print the results to a Web page. It is intended for Systems Administrators to check IP blocks under their control.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Apr 2006 21:02

    Release Notes: Fixes a race condition between the master and reaper threads.

    •  15 Dec 2004 14:42

      Release Notes: A bug that would cause the compile to fail on some platforms was fixed.

      •  15 Dec 2004 07:28

        Release Notes: This is almost a complete re-write of the original version. Server bugs have been fixed. The Maildir format is now supported.

        •  22 Apr 2003 08:14

          Release Notes: A GUI interface was included, and several bugs were fixed.

          •  14 Mar 2003 16:06

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which caused a timeout while scanning Qmail servers and adds an option to display the full SMTP transaction in the resulting HTML files.

            Recent comments

            17 Mar 2002 17:14 moejo

            Re: Why, why?

            > Why did you produce this? Why are you
            > giving yet more tools to spammers?

            This tool was not produced to help spammers find even more open relays to exploit. It was produced for ISP's to monitor their broadband customers and to close any down that are running open relays.

            It is very hard to keep track of thousands of Leased Line and ADSL customers who are running servers with open relays, so I felt that there was an opening for a tool such as this.

            Is it not better to inform customers of their open relays than to allow spammers to use them undetected?

            17 Mar 2002 16:33 scottlong

            Why, why?
            Why did you produce this? Why are you giving yet more tools to spammers?


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