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Release Notes: The data preparation function uses regular expressions to take much less time and use much less memory, especially with large messages. The class robustness was also improved when handling errors caused by server disconnection.

  •  06 Sep 2002 09:34

Release Notes: This release adds a fix for a bug related to resolving SMTP server addresses that are already provided as IP addresses.

Release Notes: Options for setting the exclude address were added, and SMTP host name resolution was split from connection. More debug output information has been added, along with an example of how to use a replacement function for GetMXRR in direct delivery mode if it exists but is not functional.

Release Notes: This version makes the AUTH PLAIN method work with all SMTP servers, and adds emulation code for the GetMXRR function to make the direct delivery mode work under Windows and other platforms that do not have this function enabled, using Moriyoshi Koizumi DNS resolver class.

Release Notes: Support for authentication methods PLAIN and LOGIN.

Release Notes: Added support for a direct delivery mode that sends messages faster by connecting directly to the final destination SMTP server, which is useful when sending to multiple e-mail addresses in one domain. Avoided all pass-by-reference warnings.

  •  12 Jan 2002 02:01

Release Notes: This release replaces all strtok calls with an emulation class function named Tokenize to avoid problems with PHP versions after 4.0.6. If you are using a PHP version later than 4.0.6, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this version.


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