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  •  22 Jan 2006 11:51

Release Notes: This release really updates the Depends and not Build-Depends to remove the no-longer-needed libtk-png-perl.

  •  22 Jan 2006 11:51

Release Notes: The Debian dependency on libtk-png-perl has been removed, as Tk::PNG is now part of the main perl-tk Debian packages. There are no actual code changes.

  •  16 May 2005 02:30

Release Notes: Support for PNG charts was added because Yahoo! switched from using GIF to PNG. Some minor enhancements were made in the documentation.

  •  03 Aug 2004 22:07

Release Notes: The chart 'gallery' mode is now more robust to windows having been closed by the user or window manager, and smtm itself has more tests to cope with irregular data returned from Yahoo! Finance.

  •  04 Jun 2004 23:53

Release Notes: A Debian dependency was updated in the control file.

  •  06 Apr 2004 04:05

Release Notes: An error in resizing the main portfolio display (which occurred after the optional 'edit_stock' window was closed) has been fixed.

  •  17 Mar 2004 21:18

Release Notes: Two more enhancements were added the to show_details function, which is called when Button1 is pressed. The first is the fact that returns are annualized only if position has been held longer than a year. The second enhancement is the fact that absolute profit/loss is now shown as well. The gallery mode of auto-updating charts works again.

  •  09 Mar 2004 20:55

Release Notes: Small display corrections have been applied to the 'details' window concerning dividend dates, amounts, and yields, and the (optional) display of market capitalization now has improved formatting.

  •  06 Jan 2004 22:47

Release Notes: Chart windows are now automatically updated (along with the normal stock price data) if it is in 'gallery' mode. This allows for almost real-time updates for charts of stock index symbols (which Yahoo! updates immediately), or delayed charts for common stocks.

  •  16 Oct 2003 01:16

Release Notes: An issue where a defensive assignment of the number of shares was not actually used in subsequent code was fixed, as it could trigger a Perl warning. Chart download objects are now initialized as LWP::UserAgent->new(), and the pack(-fill => 'both') code is used throughout. Both cases are reported to trip up some versions of ActiveState's Perl.


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