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smtm (Show Me The Money) is a Perl/Tk ticker, profit/loss calculator, and chart tool. It can display up to ten fields per share, among them company name, price, absolute and relative price changes as well as net wealth change (if the number of shares held is supplied). Other assets such as options, mutual funds, currencies are also supported. Foreign stocks are treated via cross-currency pairs that translate into domestic units. Charts can be launched with one click, and all the charts available at Yahoo!, including all of the advanced moving average and technical analysis features, can be displayed. Stocks can be added and deleted, and the selection can be stored. smtm has been used with US, Canadian, European, Asian, Australian/New Zealand, and South American stocks. Firewalls are fully supported, including user/password support.

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  •  22 Jan 2006 11:51

Release Notes: This release really updates the Depends and not Build-Depends to remove the no-longer-needed libtk-png-perl.

  •  22 Jan 2006 11:51

Release Notes: The Debian dependency on libtk-png-perl has been removed, as Tk::PNG is now part of the main perl-tk Debian packages. There are no actual code changes.

  •  16 May 2005 02:30

Release Notes: Support for PNG charts was added because Yahoo! switched from using GIF to PNG. Some minor enhancements were made in the documentation.

  •  03 Aug 2004 22:07

Release Notes: The chart 'gallery' mode is now more robust to windows having been closed by the user or window manager, and smtm itself has more tests to cope with irregular data returned from Yahoo! Finance.

  •  04 Jun 2004 23:53

Release Notes: A Debian dependency was updated in the control file.

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13 Jul 2008 16:18 deefster

I found 1.6.10 on the author's website
Newer version fixed major bugs with the chart fetching code.


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