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Release Notes: SmoothWall GPL is now SmoothWall Express. SPI using Linux 2.4 kernel with iptables and netfilter. The installer, the Web user interface, VPN, graphs, and proxy performance were improved. Connectivity device support was improved, including USB/PCI ADSL and USB BT HH ISDN. uPnP support was added for Microsoft Windows XP users. Static DHCP assignments are now possible. The time can be synced with an internal or external NTP server. The configuration can be backed up or restored to a floppy disk. Simpler port forwarding was added. An external IP blocking feature was added. A new Java SSH client was added.

Release Notes: This release includes major updates to the networking capabilities. Support for the U.S. Robotics SureConnect USB ADSL modem and modems based on the ECI chipset (such as the Fujitsu FDX310) was improved, and the new USB Home Highway ISDN connections from BT are now supported.

Release Notes: This is version 0.9.9 fully patched with fixes 1-6.

Release Notes: Support for multiple ethernet cards, Cable/ADSL including DHCP clients, FreeSWAN binaries for easy VPN setup, an embedded Java SSH client for ease of admin, an enhanced installation engine, major document revisions, a new IPSEC 2.2.18 kernel, hardware support, autoprobing and autosetup of ISDN hardware, security hardened graphical throughput management and charting, and a new logging engine.


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