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SmartSVN is a feature-rich and easy-to-use Subversion client. It runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, and Windows. In addition to the normal SVN commands like checkout, update, commit, merge, etc., it provides tag and branch handling (no need to deal with URLs just to switch to a different tag or branch), a built-in file compare and conflict solver, and much more. There is no need to install additional tools for handling SVN working copies, like a command line SVN client or a file comparison tool.

Operating Systems

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SmartSVN sold to WANdisco 16 Jan 2013

As of September 2012 SmartSVN has been sold to WANdisco. Please check

RSS Recent releases

  •  03 May 2012 21:17

    Release Notes: This release supports the SVN 1.7 working copy format.

    •  04 Aug 2011 13:22

      Release Notes: This release fixes a serious bug with the file watcher on Mac OS X 10.7.

      •  04 Aug 2011 13:22

        Release Notes: This release mostly contains bug fixes.

        •  04 Aug 2011 13:22

          Release Notes: A couple of bug fixes and a few improvements were made.

          •  16 Apr 2011 18:19

            Release Notes: This minor release mostly contains bugfixes.


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