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Small Potato

Small Potato is a chess engine. It can be used with any frontend that supports the IETF protocol version 2 (such as XBoard or WinBoard).

Operating Systems

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  •  05 Oct 2003 05:49

Release Notes: Minor tweaks were made in move ordering (including killer moves). Minor tweaks in evaluation were made. Small bugs were fixed.

  •  04 Aug 2002 01:09

Release Notes: This release switches the default search algorithm to negascout. It now recovers a PV line for display, there were minor transposition table tweaks, minor bugfixes, and Small Potato now compiles out-of-the-box in clig-less systems.

  •  17 Jul 2002 08:14

Release Notes: "Move now" and analyze commands have been implemented. 0x88 based move generation is now used. Performance should not have changed noticeably.

  •  12 Apr 2002 17:27

Release Notes: An opening book has been added. EPD suites and lines can be solved. This release is portable to Cygwin.


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