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A self-contained package which allows use of a diskless, low-memory Sun SPARCstation (4c or 4m architecture) as an Xterminal client. The server can be almost any other system which has tftpboot capability. This package is 100% Linux. There are no Sun binaries or libraries included or needed. If you have a system with no disk, or perhaps an IPC which suffers from the dreaded "slowdown" bug, this is the package for you.

Operating Systems

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Release Notes: Further updates to FreeBSD support. This version should actually boot SPARC machines from FreeBSD servers.

Release Notes: This version supports ext3/Reiserfs filesystems on the server.

Release Notes: Keymap support (along with a small library of keymap files and the "loadkeys" binary). The /etc/keyboard file can be used to set the keyboard type.

Release Notes: The "route" utility and routed daemon are now included. Most of the xinetd install code is now completed, making this release close to being installable on distributions such as Red Hat 7.1 which use xinetd by default.

Release Notes: This version features version 2.2.14 of the Linux kernel and version 3.3.6 of XFree86. It also makes use of routed and a ramdisk. The documentation has not been updated in this tarball, so only experienced users and developers should attempt to install this version.


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Berkeley Yacc

A high-quality yacc variant.


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A designer’s program for describing parts of the building.