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  •  27 Aug 2003 08:00

Release Notes: This release offers "true offline reading" when using slrn with slrnpull. Minor new features include support for IPv6, server-recommended Message-IDs, cancel locks, GNU TLS, and new intrinsic functions. A number of bugs (including a possibly remote-exploitable buffer overflow) have been fixed, and new translations were added. The reference manual has been restructured and the FAQ was rewritten.

  •  29 Mar 2001 03:21

Release Notes: This release fixes many annoying and some (potentially) security relevant bugs. New features include basic UTF-8 support, an enhanced scoring syntax, formatted output of dates, new S-Lang intrinsic functions, better support for broken servers, more color objects, and many new config options. Additionally, the UI has been cleaned up, lots of new documentation was added, and autoconf support was improved.


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