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15 Feb 2005 07:59 ame

slocate - improvement suggestion
Hi everybody involved,

thanks, I like this powerful tool!

Let me add an idea which could make it even more attractive: a command-line-switch to

activate indexing of files within .tgz/.zip/.. zipped archives ...?

Does the web-URL mentioned in the man-page really exist..?

best regards


05 Jan 2002 18:26 phyberop

excellent :)
nice project.... and thanks to the other guys who replied, so I could find it as "slocate" ;)

26 Jan 2001 19:08 tarvin

'slocate' doesn't match this appindex record :-(
I think that Freshmeat should add an option like "Alternative name" for the records. That way, a software entry like Secure Locate could easily be found, even if people (like me) search for "slocate"

13 Mar 2000 17:10 progress

When I did a search for slocate I couldn't find this application. But, by putting this comment in, the next time someone looks for slocate they'll find it here as Secure Locate


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