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SLiteChat is an in-world text-only local chat/instant messaging client for Second Life. Features include friends list management (accept/reject friending requests), local chat, and instant messages.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Jul 2010 21:21

    Release Notes: This release patches a major bug that was introduced on the 1.6.X line: when SLiteChat loses its connection to the server and times out, a dialog pops up informing the user that the connection was lost. However, in previous versions, that dialog would pop up so many times that it could render the user's computer completely inoperative. This has been fixed.

    •  28 Oct 2009 20:26

      Release Notes: This release adds the ability to connect to a different grid. It improves the timer resolution, which should improve chat lag (especially in group chat).

      •  17 Jun 2009 00:03

        Release Notes: You can now turn the Friends and Groups lists off and on. When logging in, you can now specify your starting sim instead of being forced to rez at your set home, and last location is supported. The problem with SLiteChat “jumping” up as the current window when you receive IM traffic was fixed. It now behaves like any other chat client and quietly flashes the task bar (or makes the icon jump up and down in the dock on Mac OS X).

        •  13 Jun 2009 20:45

          Release Notes: This version has a new interface coded using Qt4. Some decent artwork was added. You can now turn on logging support to log IM and local chat to disk. The friends list and group chat are now dockable. A version notification system was added, which will prompt you to download a new version when one appears on the main site. A problem was fixed on Mac OS X where when an IM comes a minimized session will "jump out" and become the current window.

          •  20 Mar 2009 17:32

            Release Notes: This release fixes a crash when removing friends from the buddy list.


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