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29 Mar 2010 09:04 Erjo

The SliTaz team has published the third release of SliTaz GNU/Linux.
SliTaz GNU/Linux 3.0 is simpler, faster, customizable, mightier and yet incredibly tiny.

The core desktop provides a fully featured desktop powered by Xorg 7.4, Openbox, LXDE components and home made tools and Midori is now the default browser.
The default core system fits into a 30 MB ISO image and LiveCD flavors start at 8 MB.
This stable version has been built by a new toolchain including GCC 4.4.1 and uses the Linux kernel

You can read the full Releases Notes at for more
information, and download a LiveCD image from the SliTaz mirrors at

19 May 2009 10:22 Erjo

The Xorg server have been updated to version 7.4.
This version of Xorg is compiled with support for DRI (Direct Rendering Infrastructure) and several new drivers are included to support various utilities such as xinput or xrandr.

The mini Xvesa server used by default on the LiveCD has been updated to version 1.5.3.
It now supports xrandr to resize the screen on the fly and setxkbmap to map the keyboard preferences. Xvesa now has more extensions and better support for high resolutions.
See more info on


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