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SlimServer provides an elegant and easy to use interface for playback of music stored in many audio formats, and supports Internet radio stations, playlist management, Web access, and an infrared remote control. The music remains on the host computer and streams over the network to any streaming audio client.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Nov 2005 11:23

    Release Notes: New features include replay gain, WMA support in firmware, Unicode on the display, random mixes, various artists, wake-on-LAN, and firmware 24. Skin updates were done. A server setting was added to MusicMagic to restrict mixes to a given filter. The performance of searching was improved. The Browse Music Folder functionality was rewritten. A new iTunes plugin and other plugins were added.

    •  13 Mar 2004 08:50

      Release Notes: A 'Browse By Artwork' facility was added and a number of Internet Radio bugs were fixed. The types.conf and convert.conf files can now be customized by the user. The audio output levels were tuned to optimize headphone performance. A problem with cue file parsing and an issue where 'Disk 1 of 1' was stated unnecessarily was fixed. The debugging output now distinguishes between when a squeezebox disconnects and when an HTTP client disconnects.

      •  28 Dec 2003 06:35

        Release Notes: This version fixes a couple of problems where some streaming radio stations wouldn't work, and a problem where the SlimServer Web interface would be really really slow. It suppresses a warning on tracks that have a disk number but not a size of set tag, fixes a bug where the current time isn't displayed properly for transcoded files, updates the Fishbone skin, fixes up FLAC support, adds slimserver.strings.txt support, fixes a confusing warning when doing Squeezebox firmware updates, fixes a typo where ID3v1 tags would include a genre called "bebob", and adds back missing TIme::HiRes libraries.

        •  26 Dec 2002 23:32

          Release Notes: A huge number of new features and bugfixes.


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