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SlicedBread is a library that makes it simpler to program multithreaded applications in Java. It does so by doing away with "classic" multithreaded staples - that is, shared state using thread-safe objects - in favor of a set of single-threaded processes that send and receive immutable messages. In a sense it is inspired by Erlang's messaging system. In another, the over 400 rich pages of "Java concurrency in practice" show how hard it is to write and debug a good-mannered multithreaded application in Java.

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  •  05 Jun 2012 13:08

Release Notes: This release added methods to check the status of current threads, and uses SLF4J for logging. This release has been used in production for over one year with no reported issues.

  •  28 Nov 2011 23:32

    Release Notes: This release includes the first version of the documentation, which should be enough to get you started with the library. It adds thread pools (multiple threads reading from the same mailbox) and checks thread safety under JMM (JSR-133).

    •  03 Nov 2011 13:04

      Release Notes: First public release.


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