DOLPHIN SLED is a hierarchical schematic entry solution with graphic linking of components, hierarchical configuration of the netlist, and multi-language netlisting (SPICE, Verilog, VHDL-AMS, etc.). Interoperability with other schematic entry tools, particularly the ECS family (including Synario, Cohesion, and Laker-AMS) is ensured for capitalizing on legacy designs and cooperative work. Interoperability is ensured through standard design exchange formats (EDIF2) and scriptability for customization.

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  •  16 Jul 2012 23:27

    Release Notes: This release implements major improvements for ease-of-use of the schematic editor with user-friendly transformation of objects (sizing, rotating, layering, etc.), a selection filter (all, instances, nets, graphical objects), editing text boxes in place, and a schematic drag.

    •  20 Dec 2011 21:52

      Release Notes: This release implements easy access, display, and handling of any kind of documentation in the Project Manager, accelerated loading and display of projects, easy swapping of symbols and cells from the property editor, improved Design Context configuration, and quick access to generated circuit netlist files through the Project Manager.

      •  23 Nov 2011 23:47

        Release Notes: This release implements some EDIF import related corrections along with some other minor fixes.

        •  04 Jul 2011 22:08

          Release Notes: This release implements major improvements including a new Project Explorer for cell and view management, a new batch scripting API to automate design creation, check, migration, and data search, and increased interoperability with LayED (TexEDA Layout Editor) with XNDL netlist generation.

          •  01 Apr 2011 09:00

            Release Notes: This release is focused on some minor improvements and fixes for a number of issues or defects.


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