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Version 4.1.2-pre1 of Slax

Release Notes: X11 locales are no longer removed. DOC_MULTILANG documentation that describes how to create a module with your language was included. KDE 3.2.2 with QT 3.3.2 and KOffice 1.3.1 were added, and .inputrc was modified to enable Czech, Russian, and all other keymaps in bash. The Russian (and probably some other) fonts were fixed in KDE, and the script for making bootable USB flash disks was fixed. The mouseproto, mousedev, and wheelmouse boot options were also fixed.

Other releases

  •  28 Jan 2013 22:45

Release Notes: Slax software center is almost ready. There is better support for VMware mouse grab/ungrab. KDE has been updated to version 4.9.5 and Firefox to 18.0.1.

  •  06 Nov 2012 22:24

Release Notes: This release has KDE4 with many applications from KDE network, KDE multimedia, KDE games, Pidgin, Firefox, MPlayer, and more. The entire system fits in 183MB for the 32-bit and 188MB for the 64-bit variant, and runs perfectly fine on systems with 256MB of RAM and more. This is most likely the version that contains all the programs for final release.

  •  03 Mar 2008 10:58

Release Notes: The GTK+2 update fixes Konqueror + flash plugin hangups. The nopcmcia boot parameter has been fixed. This release has better audio channel handling (in particular, it ignores microphone channels and doesn't unmute them).

  •  29 Feb 2008 07:38

Release Notes: Swap partitions are now automatically activated, madwifi drivers have been added, and many small bugs have been fixed.

  •  07 May 2006 22:21

Release Notes: This release adds KDE 3.5.2 and koffice 1.5.0, fixes some problems with manual IP configuration, adds make_disk.bat to the CD tree (to create a USB bootable disk in Windows), adds FUSE and SSHFS filesystem support, and adds a kernel boot splash image.


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