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SLab Direct to Disk Audio Recording Studio is a free HDD audio recording system for linux operating systems, written using Tcl/Tk. SLab can record up to 64 tracks.


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  •  21 Jul 2002 12:38

Release Notes: Native ALSA drivers are now operative.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

    Release Notes: This release adds ALSA driver support, floating point mixing, FreeBSD support, CD mastering, MP3 mastering, and lots of bugfixes.

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    11 Mar 2000 12:50 eutychus

    SLab direct-to-disk recording
    In my opinion, SLab is by far the best music recording application available for Linux. I've done quite a few pieces using multiple soundcards and doing post-record mixing and effects. Highly recommended.


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