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  •  19 Sep 2004 02:54

Release Notes: A much improved and friendlier user interface was included and playback controls were added.

  •  16 Oct 2003 22:52

Release Notes: This version adds threaded MusicBrainz lookup. "Open directory" actually opens the best directory, the pipeline is rebuilt after every track, the artist is now correctly handled in multiple artist albums, and it now tries to do something useful with errors from GStreamer. This version fixes crashes when closing dialogs with escape, fixes drive detection with devfs, and checks that the cdparanoia plugin is present.

  •  05 Sep 2003 13:57

Release Notes: Many new features and bugfixes. A user guide is also included.

  •  05 Jul 2003 22:59

Release Notes: This version includes lots of new features, including disabling of Deselect All when appropriate, checking if files exist before overwriting them, libbacon updates, fixing of a stupid typo which broke multiple artist albums, disabling of the extract button when ripping, stripping : from file names to avoid confusing Windows machines, using lame if its available instead of mpegaudio, progress bar fixes, and CD->Eject.

  •  25 May 2003 05:15

Release Notes: Fixes were made to the Musicbrainz lookup code. The cursor is now changed to the busy cursor when looking up CDs. The file and path option menus were fixed. A dependency on GStreamer 0.6.1 was set so that Ogg tagging works. Libbacon updates were made, improving the CD drive drop-down. Columns are now resizable. A "Deselect All" menu item was added, along with "Select All". The GNOME HTTP proxy settings are now used. Track title/artist fields can now be edited. Lots of other bug fixes were made.


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