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SiteFusion allows object-oriented PHP applications to operate as OS-native applications through a XULRunner-based thin client. The client connects to the SiteFusion daemon through an ordinary Web server, and applications run in separate continuous processes. Two-way communication is enabled, without the need for additional Web server configurations. The implementation of the XUL framework in a PHP class structure includes an implementation of the Mozilla tree view optimized for very large trees, supporting drag-and-drop, editable cells, and sorting.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Updated Installation Guide 21 Jan 2010 16:04

The installation guide was a bit cumbersome and not entirely up to date on the newest release details, so it has been extended. Now including a troubleshooting section. Also, new tutorials are on their way.

Recent releases

  •  09 Sep 2011 16:30

    Release Notes: A new SiteFusion client (2.5.0) has been released that is build on FireFox 6.0.2. An installation issue has been fixed on Mac OS X Lion, and a default windows group icon for the SiteFusion client has been added.

    •  06 Jul 2011 17:04

      Release Notes: This release adds new media nodes XULHTMLVideo (HTML 5 streaming) and XULFlash (Flash support in SiteFusion). It adds PrefService to be able to asynchronously store and retrieve client preferences. It adds a transitiond event for use with CSS animations. It also includes several bugfixes.

      •  10 May 2011 15:57

        Release Notes: This version incorporates the Gecko 2.0 runtime (Firefox 4) into client 2.0.1, which is simultaneously released. New server features include integration of the new Mozilla AddonManager, support for setups with per-process setuid operations, and many small bugfixes and features.

        •  09 Aug 2010 15:28

          Release Notes: This server release adds a number of new features, most notably file drag and drop, taskbar/growl notifications, and SVG image support. The server release as planned breaks compatibility with clients 1.2.1 and below, and this client release is not about new features but only removes some legacy code that maintained compatibility with server versions 5.2.1 and below.

          •  27 Apr 2010 12:11

            Release Notes: Many bugfixes and new features were added, notably the ClientFileService class (allowing object-oriented access to the client filesystem and direct reading from and writing to strings and streams) and the new Client BuildKit to easily build and brand customized clients. Client 1.2.2 was also released.


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