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22 Apr 2001 10:05 nainil7

Re: Ah, just what I need.

I could just find the best thing atlast.
Now just by sitting anywhere i can update my site without the tar and all the trouble to go around.

Nainil Chheda.

29 Jun 2000 08:08 sverrehu

Ah, just what I need.
This program is just what I needed! Thanks, Joe!
Don't know why anybody would like the Gnome interface, though.

No more "tar c", "ftp", "telnet", "tar x", now I just do "make sync".


01 May 2000 07:20 jonaskb

Sitecopy is great!
If you're like me and update your website several times a week (sometimes several times a day), you just can't live without Sitecopy. I hardly ever use regular FTP clients anymore. When I want to upload new/changed files to my website, I hit the Sitecopy icon in my KPanel and Sitecopy updates the site without my interference.


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