Version 0.4.0 of GNU SIP Witch

Release Notes: This release represents the first minimally deployable baseline sipwitch server. This release includes multipath calling and basic call forwarding features. Also important with this release is stabilization of core management APIs, including SWIG interfaces for local scripting languages, and XMLRPC CGI for remote access, so that management and administration services can now be built for sipwitch. Support for changing server state is also complete, such as for "day"/"night" modes, holidays, etc. This release offers basic call traffic statistics and call detail record processing.

Other releases

  •  08 Sep 2013 20:21

Release Notes: Support for systemd init. Multi-protocol context aware when built with exosip2 4.x for concurrent TCP/UDP/TLS sip sessions in a single server instance. An SRV plugin to better support automatic resolution of remote users through DNS (requires libruli to use). Improved mingw build support.

  •  21 Nov 2012 23:34

Release Notes: Updated for the new ucommon 6 API. Support for VoIP hotspot mode. Initial support for the exosip 4.0 API. Better mingw build support. Better debuging tools. A switchview GUI.

  •  14 May 2011 18:51

    Release Notes: This release is intended to provide a stable release family to power existing secure calling services for public and private use while GNU Free Call services are developed for sipwitch 2.0.

    •  17 Mar 2011 14:05

    Release Notes: cmake build was introduced. A new desktop permissions mode was added for integration between sipwitch service running as a privileged daemon and the user desktop. The utilities were reorganized and simplified.

    •  25 Feb 2011 22:16

      Release Notes: This release consolidates the use of usecure for computing digests to simplify the configure script and to introduce a cmake build script. This will make it easy to build and debug with IDEs like kdevelop and codeblocks on GNU/Linux, as well as IDEs on other platforms such as xcode, Visual Studio (yes, sipwitch is cross-platform), etc.


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