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Sinbadsoft Advanced .NET Collections

Sinbadsoft Advanced .NET Collections is a library of .NET generic, non-trivial, specialized containers. It provides, for instance, dynamic multi-dimensional arrays and bijective (reversible) dictionaries. The implementation emphasizes efficiency, quality, and optimal complexity.


Recent releases

  •  06 May 2009 15:38

    Release Notes: This release adds serialization support to SortedReversibleDictionary and ReversibleDictionary. DynamicArray now correctly implements the IEnumerator invalidation specification (bug id# 2667). Minor bugs in some explicit IDictionary interface implementation methods have been fixed (see bug id# 2949 and id# 2951). Convenience explicit conversion operators from DynamicArray to T[], T[,], T[,,], T[,,,] and System.Array have been added. DocProject Project has been added to both VS2008 and VS2005 solutions.

    •  02 Apr 2009 08:56

      Release Notes: Inital release.


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