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Simple Help Desk is an easy-to-use help desk Web application which supports many features, including the ability to upload files and associate them with a support call.


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  •  15 Jun 2005 14:06

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    Recent comments

    17 Sep 2009 14:50 bjblackmore

    Another question; how can I get it to email both the admin & the user when they raise a ticket? It already emails $config[helpdesk_email] when a ticket is raised, but I would like the user to receive an email to. I've tried using: "mail($db_user->user_email , $config[helpdesk_email], "New ticket receiv..." but this doesn't seem to work!

    17 Sep 2009 13:47 bjblackmore


    Could you update the download on the website with the changes above? I can't get the program to send email notifications, although I've copied the code on this page, into the script. The donload from the site still seems to be the original 2005 version. I would email you directly, but clicking on your name doesn't show any email address/email form!



    25 Oct 2007 15:19 mcloyd

    Re: Category Summary
    Once again, I submited before thinking... the only code that is really too long to post is the admin_summary.tpl. The changes are actually small, but to post the whole file with the existing table that is there would be too long.

    Does that make sense or am I rambling??

    25 Oct 2007 15:02 mcloyd

    Category Summary
    Just a point of interest. I have added in the admin summary a dynamic list showing the number of tickets received by category.

    I wanted this because I thought it might show areas of concern if I ended up with a trend of specific tickets in a specific category.

    The modifications I made are simple, but too lengthy to post here. I you would like more information about these modification, please email me and I will be happy to send them to you.

    If you are new here, click on my name under the title of this post and you will find my email address there.


    25 Oct 2007 10:24 mcloyd

    Re: Initial Ticket Submission
    Sorry, correction on the placement of the new code... put it on line number 463, or just after the error("Cannot update ticket"); statement.


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