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Simple Form

Simple Form is a form processor written in Perl. It is designed to be simple, quick, and usable for any form. It emails its results to an admin user, and it is very easy to set up.


Recent releases

  •  11 Sep 2004 20:31

    Release Notes: A routine was added to remove linefeeds from email headers as an anti-spam precaution. The ability to use a template for response pages was added, as well as the ability to use SSI files in the template. A "hook" was created to enable users to customize a Perl include file containing calculations on the form fields, such as totaling orders. The include file can contain code to transmit order totals to a live credit card Web site. Thus, the script can be expanded without modification of the main script file. A problem with passing checkbox values through the preview function was fixed.

    •  10 Aug 2004 00:44

      Release Notes: This is a critical security upgrade intent upon frustrating spammers in their attempts to use scripts like this as open mail relays. The variables admin_email_to and admin_email_from have been removed from the form parameters to stop spammers from potentially setting the to and from fields via the URL line. The variables are now set in the script. The script has the ability to store admin_email_to, admin_email_from, and return_path in a secondary script file, providing for multiple form usage. Additional security fixes have been applied.

      •  15 Sep 2003 09:36

        Release Notes: Data can now be previewed. The script now sends mail correctly on Windows machines. The ability to show blank check box and radio button fields was added along with a field tag method for modifying email subject lines and the ability to check for "either or" required fields.

        •  08 Apr 2002 03:04

          Release Notes: This version fixes a bug with checkboxes and multiple select lists so that multiple field values of the same name get processed correctly, adds code to check for invalid email addresses, and adds table code wrapped around the error messages.

          •  06 Jun 2001 07:25

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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