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Simple Fuzzer is a very simple fuzzer. It is reminiscent of easy-fuzz from 2004, written by priest of the priestmasters. His layout for building a fuzzy test was a "script" file with a preamble, setting some basic state and variables followed by the "meat and potatoes" tests. This approach was borrowed for Simple Fuzzer.

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  •  04 Mar 2012 19:31

    Release Notes: Block-based fuzzing has been added, and is still implemented in a simple fashion. A number of memory corruption bugs in the string replacement engine have been resolved. A basic browser-fuzzer is included in this release. The start of a fuzzing oracle to monitor program health is included. While it is not close to the design of the final version, it should be functional to save off crashes.

    •  07 Jan 2011 22:27

      Release Notes: A UDP functionality regression has been fixed. Memory corruption enhancements/bugfixes. A fix for a bug detecting remote host port closure. A snoop compilation on Win32 fix. The build system has been updated to have more configuration options.

      •  25 Jun 2010 21:49

      Release Notes: This release fixes an error with sequence lengths when a sequence exceeds max sequence length (i.e. mseql of 1). It fixes some plugin-related errors on Ubuntu 10.04 (64-bit). It updates snoop with far more functionality, and updates the configure script to properly use cross-compilation.

      •  15 Mar 2010 22:40

        Release Notes: This release fixes a UDP crash issue in 0.6.

        Release Notes: IPv6 support, data retrieval / reuse, convenience functions (such as terminate on remote disconnect and begin at a specific case #), line termination specifier, and hex specifying in literal lines have been added, and a number of bugs have been fixed.


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