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SIMH is a historical computer simulation system. It consists of simulators for approximately 20 different computers, all written around a common user interface package and set of supporting libraries. SIMH can be used to simulate any computer system for which sufficient detail is available, but the focus to date has been on simulating computer systems of historic interest.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 May 2012 05:44

    Release Notes: This release added support for readline in Unix and the break key under Windows. The HP2100 emulator has a fixed signal model, support for the 12821A HP-IB Disc Interface and 7906H/20H/25H ICD disc drives, and a MAC/ICD disc controller library. The PDP11 emulator received RD32 support and DELQA-T device emulation support. Many bugs were fixed.

    •  07 Apr 2011 20:30

      Release Notes: Minor bugfixes across the simulated machines.

      •  13 Jul 2008 06:23

        Release Notes: GRI-99 support was added to the GRI-909 simulator. 12966A Buffered Asynchronous Communications Interface simulator, VMA, OS, VIS, SIGNAL, and EMA firmware extensions for HP2100 were implemented. CPU support was added for third-party 64KW memory for Nova. Support was added for DC11, KE11A, KG11A, and RC11 for PDP11. Numerous bugs were fixed.

        •  15 Nov 2007 06:28

          Release Notes: Bugfixes for the PDP-8, PDP-10, PDP-11, VAX, VAX780, and SCP simulators.


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          Project Spotlight

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