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SIMD Cross-platform headers

SIMD Cross-platform headers is a cross- platform, cross-compiler, cross CPU C/C++ header collection that aids the creation portable vectorized (SIMD) C/C++ code. It supports (or partially supports) x86 (MMX/SSE/SSE2) GCC and MSVC, PPC Altivec GCC and CodeWarrior, ARM GCC, and software-emulated SIMD.

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02 Apr 2005 17:01 proberts9999

Uses for SIMD-CPH
I had someone ask me why I created and how I use

SIMD-CPH. The best example I can give is that while I was

creating it, I was testing it with MAME. I optimized and

vectorized the Gaelco 3D hardware emulator and speed it up

from 15fps to 38fps. SIMD-CPH is suited to this as MAME is

cross-platform and cross-CPU. Using the SIMD-CPH macros

means that the code can compile on different CPUs, and if

there isn't a SIMD-CPH file for the compiler or platform,

SIMD-CPH writes software emulation SIMD code in such a

way that a smart vectorizing compiler can vectorize the code,

while still allowing it to compile and run without a slow-down

on systems without SIMD instruction sets.


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