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  •  25 Dec 2002 07:14

Release Notes: This release adds a preliminary datasource implementation (disabled by default), a code element for the inclusion of completely dynamic sections in documents, a beta version of RealObjects external editor integration, XML importation, Docma integration support, and many bugfixes. Publication objects can now be changed to folder objects (and vice versa). Links now have target options. Images can now be used as hyperlinks.

  •  27 Nov 2002 14:25

Release Notes: There is a new installation/extension system, an indexer object, nested markup in paragraphs and other text, a better way to add image/file references, the ability to open/close branches of the site, a request for approval with a message, a definition list element, image alignment options in the editor, and many bugfixes and tweaks.

  •  25 Sep 2002 17:36

Release Notes: This release incorporates (among other things) an improved access tab, optional support for groups (assign a local role to a group instead of a user), and a new object for file uploads.


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