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  •  18 Apr 2004 13:45

Release Notes: Tabs can be switched by pressing alt+1..9 and alt+left/right. All dialogs now have a common layout. Key generation now has a progress bar. The preferences system has been rewritten and simplified. The /set command has been rewritten and is working again. The config file format has been improved. A few command line options have been added. The default config file is now installed along with other data files. Many old bugs have been fixed and new ones written. The code has been cleaned up and partially rewritten. It supports and requires the SILC Toolkit 0.9.12.

  •  15 Dec 2003 04:20

Release Notes: This release fixes some crashing bugs and introduces new features which include new commands like /msg, /query, and /config, as well as the wanted command history. Technical improvements include a new silc.m4 file which allows Silky to be built in environments where the SILC Client Library's headers and libs have been split into separate paths. The binary RPM build now uses shared SILC Client Libraries, which are provided in the separate libsilc package. The libsilc-devel package is provided for those wanting to compile the source RPM package of Silky.

  •  15 Sep 2003 13:12

Release Notes: Many missing features have been implemented, like kicking people from the channel and so on. Some bugs regarding storing server keys have been fixed.


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