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Release Notes: This release fixes various crashes.

Release Notes: Many bugfixes and even more new bugs. The best new feature is the ability to compile a plugin for the Irssi chat client instead of the complete SILC client.

  •  07 Mar 2007 13:31

Release Notes: This version fixes a segfault in 1.0.4.

  •  07 Mar 2007 10:40

Release Notes: This release fixes various smaller issues. It will probably be the last 1.0 series release.

  •  21 Feb 2007 04:53

Release Notes: This version fixes several /QUIT related bugs, adds counter mode support to ciphers, and includes many other fixes.

Release Notes: This beta release contains a new Irssi base (the upcoming Irssi 0.8.11), an entirely rewritten client library, a rewritten key agreement, rewritten file transfer support, key agreement with UDP support, partial support for the upcoming SILC protocol version 1.3, and a myriad of other changes and fixes.

  •  06 Jan 2006 07:52

Release Notes: This release removes the restrictions for realname/hostnames and allows the user to see the error message if something goes wrong during startup.

Release Notes: This release adds support for UTF-8 encoded nicknames and channel names, new command queue handling, and several bugfixes.

  •  14 Jan 2004 07:17

Release Notes: This release fixes several minor bugs and inconveniences found since the release of SILC Client 1.0.

  •  27 Nov 2003 07:05

Release Notes: This release is basically the same as SILC Client 0.9.16, but with some small documentation updates.


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