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  •  09 May 2013 11:27

    Release Notes: This release added support for analog data sources (DMMs, oscilloscopes, dataloggers). A bug in the handling of -A options with arguments was fixed. Support for specifying input format options was added. There were various command line option changes and documentation updates.

    •  02 Jun 2012 04:20

      Release Notes: A ChangeLog file was added to the tarball. For the -V option, if "-l 3" or higher is used, the PD description is shown, too. For the -a option, optional/required PD probes are printed. Compilation with "Homebrew" on Mac OS X was fixed. Stacking order doesn't always have to be specified. Only output module or PD output goes to stdout, and everything else goes to stderr. Error handling was improved. A new -A | --protocol-decoder-annotations option was added. The man page was updated.

      •  19 Apr 2012 14:17

        Release Notes: The program now depends on libsigrok and libsigrokdecode. Protocol decoder support was added (requires Python 3 or later) with streaming processing and stacking. dcf77, mx25lxx05d, i2s, spi, edid, pan1321, mlx90614, rtc8564, transitioncounter, usb, i2cdemux, i2c, i2cfilter, and uart are supported. Support for the ChronoVu LA8 logic analyzer and input and output formats, and support CSV output was added. New CLI options were added: --loglevel, --input-format, --protocol-decoders, and --protocol-decoder-stack. A demo driver provides all-low and all-high pattern support. Multiple attached Saleae Logic devices are supported. OLS now has run-length encoding support.

        •  05 Apr 2011 21:38

          Release Notes: Session saving and input file loading support was fixed, and session loading support was added. Initial work on a Windows installer was started. The command-line syntax for -d and -f has been changed to <thing>:key=value:key2=value2. Various bugfixes, internal code improvements, and documentation updates were made. MinGW/Windows support was improved. OLS output format support was improved, and metadata support was added. FreeBSD support was added. Initial doxygen support (sigrok API documentation) was added. ASIX SIGMA: a firmware loading bug was fixed.

          •  20 Jan 2011 01:49

            Release Notes: Support for the ASCII and OLS output formats was added. VCD support was improved. Many portability fixes were made. A demo driver was added to allow the program to be tested without logic analyzer hardware.

            •  03 May 2010 10:19

              Release Notes: Preliminary support for protocol decoders in Python was added. A few preliminary (untested) sample protocol decoders were added (transition counter, I2C, Wii Nunchuk). Small GUI improvements were made, but it's not yet usable in production. Support for a raw binary output format was added. Various portability improvements were made for the Windows version. Preliminary support was added for the EE Electronics XLA/ESLA100 logic analyzer, as well as the ASIX SIGMA logic analyzer.

              •  08 Apr 2010 22:06

                Release Notes: This is the initial release.


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