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SigmaVPN is very light-weight VPN software allowing the easy creation of multiple low-overhead secure tunnels without complicated configuration. SigmaVPN is highly modular, and it is very easy to extend with new protocols or encryption schemes.

Operating Systems

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  •  21 Jan 2012 01:48

Release Notes: SigmaVPN has been released on the Android Market for Android 4.0 devices. It uses advanced elliptic curve cryptography provided by the NaCl encryption library, with IPv4 and IPv6 support and built-in key generation.

  •  04 Nov 2011 17:59

Release Notes: This first numbered beta build of SigmaVPN features high-performance VPN tunnels with a low memory footprint, dynamically-loadable module support for modules, optional NaCl encryption (nacl0, nacltai), UDP transport, and TUN/TAP support. Multiple VPN tunnels are supported using the same configuration file, and there is preliminary (unfinished) support for soft reconfiguration.


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