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  •  04 Jun 2001 11:04

Release Notes: Minor bug fixes and documentation corrections were made.

Release Notes: Support has been added for a resource file, .siegerc, which makes a default configuration persistant and eases invocation. Also added are cookies support and a benchmarking flag, -b/--bench, which eliminates the load testing delay and forces siege to hit the server as fast as possible.

Release Notes: Minor performance enhancements were added. A problem with scout and virtual hosts was fixed.

  •  10 Apr 2001 15:37

Release Notes: Fixes for compilation problems with newer compilers.

  •  02 Apr 2001 13:48

Release Notes: A fix for a problem with -t NUM/--times=NUM in release 1.33 where the program continued on an endless loop.

Release Notes: Time-based testing was added. This new feature is an enhancement to the existing options, not a replacement for any single option.

  •  19 Mar 2001 18:42

Release Notes: Support for platforms without snprintf, support to securely seed the entropy pool on platforms without /dev/random, an increase in the size of an acceptable URL from 256 to 1024 characters, POSIX support for bombardment, and a couple minor corrections.

  •  14 Mar 2001 15:53

Release Notes: This release fixes a compile error on FreeBSD.

Release Notes: Scout, a utility which collects URLs from a Web server and writes them to a text file, was added. Siege relies on a URLs file to perform regression testing, and Scout makes the configuration task considerably easier. "Scout the server before you lay siege."

Release Notes: HTTP/1.1 support was added, plus a feature which allows the user to mark the log file with a comment.


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