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Siebel Code Analyzer

The goal of Siebel Code Analyzer is to provide tools to analyze and find common issues with eScript code based on best practices for coding. At the moment, the Perl script has the following features: connect to the repository database and analyze eScript code for objects not correctly terminated; multi-OS platform support (wherever Perl 5.10 is supported); database independence (through DBI usage); and an external configuration file. Future releases are expected to include a full eScript parser; identify the absence of usage of try/catch/finally blocks; identify correct usage of finally block; and use TAP for report output.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jun 2012 00:34

    Release Notes: This release adds commandline options, fixes a missing declaration of the only_active parameter, fixes the XML report with the XSLT "created by" line, changes the way of dealing with recovered bad data (jumping to the next script instead of terminating execution), makes DAO::ODBC convert timestamps using portable functions from ODBC, deprecates the date_format parameter in the configuration file, and adds support for an option in the configuration file for using or not using an XSLT stylesheet during report generation in XML.

    •  28 May 2012 18:07

      Release Notes: New features: the ability to generate the report as an XML file, and an XSLT stylesheet to process the XML. Some internals of the code were reviewed. The script should run with less memory usage then before (not formally tested).

      •  28 Mar 2012 04:29

        Release Notes: This initial release should be considered beta.


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