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Sustainable IDE (SIDE) is a set of graphical tools for developers who want to build sustainable software. Sustainable software is software you can extend easily, from a functional or technological point of view. On one hand, this means that when a user has a new requirement, it's easy for any developer to add it, even if the original author is not there anymore. On another hand, if you want to change the underlying technologies, you don't need to rewrite your existing application from scratch. Sustainable Software gives you the freedom to change technology, requirements, or achitecture. This can be achieved thanks to the use of models in a model driven software development (MDSD) paradigm.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Jan 2011 11:16

    Release Notes: This version provides Alfresco 3.2r2 Community, 3.3 E, and 3.4 community support. The 3.2 support is complete and can be considered ready for production use. The 3.3 and 3.4 provides alpha support for Data, Form, Workflow areas for the moment and must be considered for test purposes only.

    •  25 Nov 2009 20:51

      Release Notes: Various bugs have been corrected concerning content types, forms, and workflows. Concerning content types, inheritance works correctly. Concerning workflows, form input data are saved when actions/transitions are followed. Concerning forms, associations classes are updated correctly, forms' labels appear correctly, and red alerts disappear when mandatory fields are filled.

      •  23 Nov 2009 15:18

        Release Notes: Various bugs have been corrected concerning generation and deployment processes, forms, and workflows. Concerning generation process, batch mode is now active. Concerning deployment process, alfresco errors at startup are now intercepted and an explicit user message may be displayed. Concerning forms, language is now mandatory when saving form input, form can include textareas and upload fields which can be mandatory, date and time fields can be saved in read only form. Concerning workflow, look and feel has been greatly enhanced.

        •  18 Nov 2009 15:51

          Release Notes: Various bugs have been corrected in the design and administration phases. Concerning the design phase, an action to show/hide responsibility links is available to make diagrams more readable. Concerning the administration phase, it is now possible to import data in batch mode.

          •  13 Nov 2009 15:06

            Release Notes: Various bugs have been corrected, mainly about forms management. Mandatory fields are now indicated with a red star, forms can have datetime fields, date fields can be disabled, and forms can be displayed in an iFrame to make integration easier. Textareas can also be displayed as read-only.

            Recent comments

            23 Jun 2010 07:33 Lad86

            Good generator for Alfresco.


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