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Scientific Image Database

SIDB (Scientific Image Database) is a Web-driven database for (scientific) images. Entry of image meta-data is facilitated through the use of user-definable templates. Users have complete control over who else may see the submitted image and data. SIDB offers various views on the actual image data. Thumbnail plus meta-data can be printed, and multiple thumbnails can be combined in galleries. A freeware version of the Huygens software ( can be used to generate projections from 3-D images (most confocal microscope image formats are supported), as well as MPEG movies, showing the individual layers from the 3-D images.

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  •  08 Aug 2003 23:16

Release Notes: This release fixed bugs in the database initialization script that caused the installation to fail.

Release Notes: This release adds password encryption, NIS-based logins, the ability for admins to upload images for other users, checks for duplicates, and next/previous buttons in the image view window. The pre-upload window has been eliminated, and a mode for working with 2D images only has been added. Several changes let sysadmins modify the look and feel of sidb more easily.

  •  25 Mar 2002 21:01

Release Notes: Several bugfixes, including one causing logins to fail under certain circumstances, case-independent searches, and ability to assign multiple trusted users instead of a single one.

Release Notes: This release adds session-based user authentication, and an image type for digitized video sequences. Passwords can be checked against the SQL database, or using PAM, and size bars are now automatically generated.

Release Notes: Addition of 'projects' (folder-like structures in which you can organize images), support for Mac OS X (10.1), and a new 'skin' for the screen-estate-deprived.


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