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GNU shtool

GNU shtool is a compilation of small but very stable and portable shell scripts into a single shell tool. All ingredients were in successful use over many years in various free software projects. The compiled shtool program is intended to be used inside the source tree of free software packages. There it can overtake various (usually non-portable) tasks related to the building and installation of an free software package.


Recent releases

  •  19 Apr 2006 18:33

    Release Notes: This release adds support for the Sun Niagara (sun4v) architecture, and enhances recognition of Sun Solaris on the AMD-64 architecture.

    •  07 Feb 2006 09:00

      Release Notes: The "shtool version" command was fixed.

      •  04 Feb 2006 20:40

        Release Notes: Portability was enhanced even more by maximizing Bourne Shell compatibility under zsh and bash and avoiding NLS dependencies. Missing documentation was added for the "shtool tarball" option "-d".

        •  02 Oct 2005 19:04

          Release Notes: "shtool mdate" now resets TIME_STYLE, as GNU coreutils' "ls" changes its time format in response to the TIME_STYLE variable. "shtool platform" now uses "env -i sort" for Linux detections to circumvent LC_COLLATE and LANG environment problems. "shtool version -l perl" has been fixed by replacing "my" with "our". FreeBSD/AMD-64 on iX86/EM64T detection has been improved within "shtool platform".

          •  15 Jun 2005 13:06

            Release Notes: Insecure temporary file handling was fixed (see CAN-2005-1751 and CAN-2005-1759). Platform detection support was added for Mandriva Linux, Ubuntu Linux, and IBM PASE/AIX.


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