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Joomla! Show Twitgoo Module

Show Twitgoo is a simple Joomla! module to display pictures posted by Twitter users on Twitgoo. Features include displaying the public or personal feed, showing pictures in single or multiple picture modes, displaying the description when the mouse is over the picture, and displaying a large version of each picture on the personal Web site using Highslide JS or the Twitgoo Web site.

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  •  15 Mar 2012 22:38

    Release Notes: Separate installation archives are now provided for Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6/1.7/2.5. Extension update support was added for Joomla! 1.6/1.7/2.5. SimplePie RSS has been updated to the latest version. Minor text issues were fixed in various files.

    •  03 Feb 2011 22:09

      Release Notes: This release adds installation support for Joomla! 1.6 (stable). The code was refactored for better performance. Minor bugs were fixed.

      •  21 Oct 2010 03:35

        Release Notes: This release adds an option to pull pictures from a public feed, view a larger picture locally via Highslide JS or remotely at TwitGoo, and RSS feed sort options: recent (default) or popular. It renames "unsquared" to "raw" for non-squared thumbnails. The CSS has been tweaked to reflect actual thumbnail sizes for mini/thumb.

        Release Notes: This is the initial release.


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