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Shared memory map

Shared memory map is a library that contains different hashmaps that use shared memory to store their data, which is very useful if you need different processes to keep their data in sync. It uses IPC semaphores to synchronize access. Many processes may read the hashmap at the same time, but only one can write in it.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Jul 2002 15:48

    Release Notes: Two new map types were added: SHMAP_TYPE_FIFO and SHMAP_TYPE_BTREE. A new function, shmap_free_resource, was also added. Some bugfixes were made.

    •  23 Apr 2002 21:50

      Release Notes: Some very important bugfixes, like no longer saving the function address in map, because it caused all transactions to fail on a map. When attaching to existing map, check has been implemented to verify its integrity. Fixes were also made for a shmap_items wrong item count and an IPC semaphore leak.

      •  19 Mar 2002 22:14

        Release Notes: The internal structure has changed a bit, possibility to attach to existing maps (requires the libmm patch). It is possible to set, unset, initialize, and destroy map locks at runtime.

        •  18 Feb 2002 19:46

          Release Notes: Fixes for crash bugs with shmap_clear when the item didn't exist in map, a new configure script, and a new ability to make install.

          •  10 Feb 2002 15:52

            Release Notes: The API has changed for some functions. The internal structure is now totally different. Many new features were added.


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