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shasum generates file hashes using the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA1). It is intended to be a replacement for md5sum(1), as MD5 has known attacks where collisions can be produced.


Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 1999 22:20

    Release Notes: Fixed a couple of bugs in the SHA implementation, shasum now passes all the FIPS-180-1 test vectors, and fixed some possible zero-byte malloc returns. This is the last release before shasum is modified for inclusion into the GNU textutils.

    •  25 Aug 1999 10:44

      Release Notes: Fixed a memory allocation bug, and improved the filesize appending code. shasum now supports reading the target list from a file, as well as checking a shasum files against the real files, making shasum a full replacement for md5sum.

      •  23 Aug 1999 23:00

        Release Notes: First release.

        Recent comments

        08 Feb 2004 22:23 sweikart

        Re: fixed version
        The GNU "coreutils" package contains the utility sha1sum, which uses the library routines from lib/sha.c which is "Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2003 Scott G. Miller" and has an "Expansion function fix" by Robert Klep.

        17 Feb 2003 01:46 bug1

        fixed version
        shasum-1.1 produces an incorrect value, 1.1 is the only version available at that url.

        Does a version 1.3 exist ?

        I have fixed 1.1 and _temperarily_ placed a copy at

        Mail to is bouncing.


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