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SffTools consists of SffToBmp, a little utility that converts Structured Fax Files to BMP, PBM, JPEG, or single- and multipage TIFF format, and SffView, a GUI viewer for those files. The tools should be especially useful to people who are faxing with ISDN cards because the CAPI interface of these cards generates such files. CAPI support for Linux is available for the active card AVM B1 and the passive card AVM Fritz!.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Oct 2007 00:07

    Release Notes: This release sets the DateTime value within TIFF output files (TIFFTAG_DATETIME) according to the mtime of the input file (UTC value).

    •  30 Oct 2006 04:31

      Release Notes: This release has printing support, MRU file list support, and remembers the window position and size. It also tolerates up to 2048 bytes of garbage at the beginning of the file, just like SffToBmp 3.1.

      •  30 Oct 2006 04:30

        Release Notes: SffToBmp has been around for a while, and one should think it has seen every strange SFF file yet. However, there seem to be a few odd ones still left. This release adds support for skipping "junk" at the beginning of the file until it reaches the "SFF" header. It will skip up to 2048 bytes before giving up. Other changes are backported from the Debian package, and a -quiet switch has been added for those that don't want to see anything at all on stdout.

        •  21 Apr 2004 06:19

          Release Notes: The file given on the command line is now opened at startup. "Fit-In-Window", "Actual Size", and "Whole Page" view modes were added, and the CVS version of wxGTK is now required for speed reasons. Windows compilation is no longer supported, but may still be possible.

          •  21 Apr 2004 06:17

            Release Notes: The code was shuffled around quite a bit and the command line options were changed and now include multi-file processing. Keeping the date is now possible under Linux too. A problem where the decoder did not decode a full line was fixed along with an issue with wrong bitorder in the extended MH codes. libboost-filesystem is now required. 3rd party library code was removed from the distribution.


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