Version 0.6p2 of ServoMaster

Release Notes: Stability bugfixes were made. Hopefully, 'Disconnected mode' is really supported for QuadServo this time. Devices are now allowed to be disconnected at driver startup, if the exact hardware type is known. The run script's name was changed again to "servomaster_console" (to allow a polite RPM layout). The test script's name was changed to servomaster_sync_check. The deployment layout was changed to conform to RPM guidelines better.

Other releases

  •  06 Jan 2010 11:44

Release Notes: The Parallax family driver code was improved to reduce garbage collection chatter. A memory leak was plugged.

  •  22 Dec 2009 21:31

    Release Notes: This is a maintenance release: stdout and stderr messages have been removed (all log4j now). Log levels have been adjusted to avoid scaring unsuspecting users with transition controller completions.

    •  20 Nov 2009 12:07

    Release Notes: Constructor visibility was fixed for the Parallax serial controller. It wasn't possible to instantiate it via Spring before. If you're not using Parallax servo controller, or not using it with DIY Zoning or Spring, you don't need this release.

    •  17 Nov 2009 04:56

    Release Notes: In servomaster-serial, the RxTx dependency was extracted from the Maven Central Repository. In servomaster-usb, Phidget QuadServo can now be used with Spring Framework (the DIY Zoning DZ3 branch requires this).

    •  10 Nov 2009 11:05

    Release Notes: Servo range limits were corrected for the Parallax family of controllers. The driver release notes on the Servomaster project page were updated.


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