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status.php is a set of PHP scripts that can connect to any game server capable of some kind of query protocol (Gamespy, ASE, Source-Query, and even some proprietary protocols).


Recent releases

  •  17 Jul 2008 09:35

    Release Notes: The scripts were rewritten and the command-line and rcon parts were removed. The focus is now on game server status via the Web front-end.

    •  17 Dec 2002 21:34

      Release Notes: A template system was added, together with some new scripts to retrieve server info from text files instead of form fields.

      •  13 Nov 2002 01:07

        Release Notes: A fix for a bug with short_tags set to Off in php.ini along with some register_globals settings, and a new commandline parameter "--view" to view some specific settings and only them.

        •  02 Nov 2002 19:52

          Release Notes: The entire setup was changed. There is now a single setup file in which each of the supported games is stored, either for status or rcon.

          •  22 Aug 2002 14:18

            Release Notes: Support for Medal of Honor Allied Assault was added. Small bugfixes were made in the UDP code, the webstatus, and the complete player stats for Battlefield 1942.

            Recent comments

            15 Jul 2002 14:52 ghent


            I've watched your project avidly since the initial submission to FM. But, I will say this, you would attract more followers and interested parties if you would write some simple documentation. It's easier to do it now when it's smaller, and add things as you go, then it will be later when it's bigger. And, judging by the simplicity, it's not alot of work to get some good inital documentation together. Just my thoughts...


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