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18 Sep 2009 08:23 easyfit

Hi and thanks for this great program, I think it will be very useful in a system I will be building in the near future.

Just one small request: It seems that the program is pretty much hard-coded to look for serial ports named ttySX in Linux, but this may not always be the case (as in my case). I'm using a serial port PCI card which by default names its ports as ttyAXX.

It's not a big issue though since I can just symlink the ttyAX device files to ttySX counterparts, but it would be nicer and cleaner to be able to define this in the config file for serproxy.

But like I said it's really a minor issue and I think this program will work very well for me anywyay.

20 Nov 2003 01:48 pnad

compiling the project SERPROXY
I downloaded the project but couldn't open win32\serproxy.dsw in VC6 (simply: nothing was opened). If I could open it I could probably create a VC makefile for this project. I'm not sure if there exists a makefile for VC (I'd found a makefile for gcc which also looked not good for me). Using gcc (make) I also didn't compile the project. This is what I received:
In file included from pipe.h:6,
from main.c:26:
thread.h:12: pthread.h: No such file or directory.

Trying to compile using nmake I'd set the environment variables but... The most interesting thing is that I can not open the serproxy.dsw... What's wrong?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Peter <>


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