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Sendmail is a Mail Transfer Agent, which is the program that moves mail from one machine to another. Sendmail implements a general internetwork mail routing facility, featuring aliasing and forwarding, automatic routing to network gateways, and flexible configuration.

Operating Systems

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  •  28 Jan 2014 11:37

    Release Notes: This version fixes some problems, mostly related to IPv6. Unfortunately the Build script of 8.14.8 contains a regression, causing it to work improperly on some operating systems. A patch is available.

    •  22 Apr 2013 23:52

      Release Notes: This version fixes the handling of NUL characters ('\0') in mail bodies by the MIME conversion functions, which are used even if no explicit conversion is happening, e.g., if MaxMimeHeaderLength is not zero, as well as some other problems.

      •  22 Jan 2013 09:05

        Release Notes: This release fixed a problem where if a server offered two AUTH lines, the MTA would not read them after STARTTLS has been used and hence SMTP AUTH for the client side would fail. Hostnames are no longer cached internally in a non-case sensitive way, as that may cause addresses to change from lower case to upper case or vice versa. An issue where it was possible that new queue runners could not be started if MaxQueueChildren was set was fixed. A 8.14.6.milter.EHLOmacros patch is also available.

        •  30 May 2011 21:14

          Release Notes: SMTP extensions are no longer cached across connections, as the cache is based on hostname, which may not be a unique identifier for a server, i.e. different machines may have the same hostname but provide different SMTP extensions. Out-of-bounds access is avoided in case a resolver reply for a DNS map lookup returns a size larger than 1K. The interrupt signal handler has been cleaned up to avoid invoking functions that are not signal-safe. At most, two AUTH lines are read from a server to avoid a memory exhaustion DoS attack against the client.

          •  09 Jan 2010 08:08

            Release Notes: This version fixed a problem where some certificate authorities do not properly check the requests they are signing and hence allow spoofing via an embedded NUL in the CN entry. A workaround for a Linux resolver problem has been added to avoid core dumps. A bug where the value of headers, e.g., Precedence, Content-Type,, was not extracted correctly thus preventing them from being recognized properly was fixed. An erroneous reduction of the length limitation on a return path was fixed.

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            26 Mar 2003 14:57 jipereira

            Sendmail in RedHat 6.2
            I'm new in Linux, and I'd like to know if anyone can help me with a problem.
            I'd like to know how can I control the size of the emails for each user or group of users. as a command that we can control the maximum size (in and out). Is it possible to have it per user (eg. user001: 1000kb; user002: 200kb).

            Thanks in advance.

            28 Jun 2002 17:04 ohhhwhocares

            Re: Sendmail rpms

            > Sendmail Rules!

            Say people who don't know better alternatives.

            21 Mar 2002 14:18 Avatar whitemice

            LDAP Documentation
            I have a section on integration of sendmail with LDAP (specifically OpenLDAP) in my LDAP presentation.
            ldapv3.pdf ( hosted by the Kalamazoo Linux Users Group ( (Kalamazoo, Mi. USA)

            31 Aug 2001 18:12 locutuz Thumbs up

            Access file limitation
            Sendmail when run in conjunction with popauthd scripts which automatically update the access (usually /etc/mail/access) automatically, sendmail seems to fill up a buffer or something and no longer reads from access file and rejects everyone relaying denied.

            This is a problem I experienced once my access file get's apx 5000 lines large. Anyone else?

            02 Feb 2001 10:36 httpdotcom

            Sendmail 8.11.0 rpms
            You can find rpms for sendmail-8.11.0 on the contrib sites on RedHat mirrors.



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