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Seminole Webserver

Seminole Webserver is a portable Web server designed to be used in embedded systems, where memory space is at a premium. It is written in C++, and has a mechanism to direct requests to application-specific code, complete with the decoding of "CGI" parameters. It also includes a "filesystem" that can package up Web content (and optionally compress it) and store it in a ROM or other "flat" device. It comes with a simple example to make it a standalone Webserver under POSIX platforms for evaluation and testing.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Aug 2003 17:36

    Release Notes: This release includes a port to the eCos embedded operating system, in addition to a few minor bug fixes.

    •  07 Jul 2003 18:54

      Release Notes: This release adds SSL support to the Win32 port. In addition, a write handling bug was fixed for Win32 TCP sockets.

      •  01 Jul 2003 16:48

        Release Notes: The most prominent change in this release is the addition of SSL support. In order to support SSL, a generic mechanism for selecting different transports has been added. This framework allows additional transports (besides TCP and SSL) to be easily added. The framework is optional and can be disabled to keep code size down for configurations needing only one transport. This release also includes several bugfixes.

        •  12 May 2003 17:52

          Release Notes: This release fixes two bugs and adds two features. The first was an incorrect assumption about the ANSI C struct tm. Reading the language reference carefully, it was found that there is no portable way to construct a GMT struct tm object. This release avoids the construction of the struct tm. The other bug was a reversed logical condition when processing If-Modified-Since fields. A new compile-time option has been added to remove the shutdown code for devices that have no concept of a shutdown. A new "Web-based console" component has been added.

          •  21 Apr 2003 12:13

            Release Notes: This version fixes many quirks and bugs as well as adding new infrastructure. Aside from some socket handling bugs and build system cleanup, CGI POST processing has been cleaned up, there is support for multipart/form-data, and (optional) hashed parameter lists have been added. A session management toolkit is now included.


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