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Simple Expenses Manager

Simple Expenses Manager is a Perl CGI for entering simple day-to-day expenses. It is not a full-featured accounting package, but it is useful for no-brainer expense tracking. It supports user-defined categories, sorting, and calculating totals and averages according to a time period and/or category. It also features multi-user login, with CGI-based administration.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Jan 2003 20:09

    Release Notes: The interface was cleaned up. A new color scheme was added. The atrocious style-sheet usage was fixed. The modeless bug in generating the categorey menu was fixed. now searches httpd.conf for user/group settings. The following files should be replaced for an upgrade: exp, sem_guide.html, and (optionally)

    •  11 Dec 2002 15:59

      Release Notes: A summary of expenses and income difference is now shown in the sidebar. A general code clean-up was done.

      •  22 Sep 2002 13:13

        Release Notes: Negative amounts are now permitted. Cents (.00) are no longer compulsory, due to currency differences in some countries. The admin can now set up initial "income" categories. Amounts larger than 9999 are now formatted with commas (like "10,000"). Search criteria are now accumulative (OR). Those who are upgrading should replace the "exp", "exp_admin", and "sem_guide.html" files.

        •  17 Sep 2002 02:58

          Release Notes: Descriptions can now be searched for keywords, using AND & NOT variables. General code cleanups were made, and an upgrade was done by replacing "exp" and "sem_guide.html".

          •  20 Aug 2002 02:24

            Release Notes: Set-up was made easier via a "" script. The program should now work under Linux (with less pain configuring permission and user/groups).


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